roger, who is 23 years old, would like to start saving money now so that he can be comfortable in his retirement. his gross annual income is currently $31,000. he plans to retire with a modest lifestyle when he is 65.

how much would most financial advisors recommend that roger save each year in order to reach his retirement goals?

a. about $1,400
b. about $3,300
c. about $6,500
d. about $9,200


The correct answer was given: carlybeavers50


c. about $6,500

step-by-step explanation:

The correct answer was given: Brain

length =12

width= 10

step-by-step explanation:

the difference between two consecutive integers is 2.

thus the difference between the length and the width of the rectangle also differ by 2.

width- x

length- x+2





x² – 10x + 12x – 120=0

x(x-10) + 12( x-10)=0


either x-10=0 or x+12=0

x=10 0r -12

we consider positive roots only. thus x=10

width = 10

length = 10+2 =12

The correct answer was given: Brain

answer: 189 sq.ft

step-by-step explanation:

plot the coordinates and connect the dotsfind the area of   the shape by adding the squares togethermultiply the grid by 9 since each grid is 9 sq.ft

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