Discuss five negative and positive impacts of these social networks an individual’s rights to privacy and safety on social networks


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Social networks make it harder to keep our privacy and be safe on the inernet. we are exposed to more bullies. we can get in trouble with the law if we write something bad. on the other hand, both can be very because people know what s going on with our life, we can alert people if something is wrong, etc. these are all important aspects of social networks.

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Positive impacts :
– social networks make it easier to share your moments to your friends
– it you connect with some one that you haven’t been contacted in a long time
– it increase your connection whether its personal or professional
– it’s open up a new platform for business
– it make it easier to catch up with news and information

negative impacts :
– it provide more information about you to offenders
– it make it easier to obtain your personal’s photo or address
– since it is very easy to create a fake account, you never knew whether your network’s friend is real
– it consume a lot of your productive time
– in some cases, it can lead to depression do to envy on seeing other people’s live¬†

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Hey there!

Public health policies and government regulations are the basis of good health and disease prevention fo the public. 

First of all, if we create public health policies and government regulations that allow people who possibly cannot afford their medications to get them for reduced price or free, we can increase the amount of people who have good health and aren’t prone to diseases.

Government regulations can also help people who are well off, too. If we put government regulations and policies in place promoting good health habits like washing your hands often even with the CDC, we would be able to show the public the benefits of good health.

Thus, using government regulations and health policies can help anyone and give support and reasons to the general public to maintain good health.

Hope this helps

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Vaccines can be described as drugs, or medication, since that’s pretty much what it is. I’m sorry if I sound a little vague, but I don’t know much about this

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