Fill in the blank with the correct form of preterite or imperfect of the verb in parentheses. yo siempre notas en las clases de ciencias. (sacar)


The correct answer was given: lobatospitones
Jocelynpauta would’ve been correct if the question is asking for the present “yo” form. however, it’s asking for the preterite or imperfect.

to decide whether or not a verb should be preterite or imperfect, look for key words. in the sentence, “siempre” means “always”. since verbs in the preterite form only tell us actions that’ve only taken place once, the verb in this case has to be imperfect.

therefore, the correct form of sacar in this concept would be sacaba.

The correct answer was given: gooby1324
La correcta manera de decirlo es yo siempre saco buenas notas en la clase de ciencias

The correct answer was given: Brain
¿Donde esta mi hermana? – where is my sister
¿Donde esta tu mama? – where is your mother
¿Estas contenta? – Are you happy?
¿Estan enfermos? – Are they sick?
¿Donde esta mi telefono? – Where is my phone?

The correct answer was given: Brain

Most likely hamburger, as hamburgers are not traditional Spanish foods. Also, tortillas originated from Mexico and pinatas from Spain (most likely), and sauce is such a generic type of thick liquid that every country has, so that it could have no way originated just from the Spanish language.

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