Harold grows apple trees on his small farm. he practices organic farming methods, so he doesn’t use pesticides. this fall, he would like to make minimally-processed organic apple juice that does not contain preservatives. he wants to sell the beverage at the local farmer’s market. based on this information, harold should before bottling the juice to make it safe for consumers. group of answer choicesa. ferment the juice b. pasteurize the juice c. chill the juice for 24 hours d. add bha to the juice


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The answer is b.
pasteurizing is heating something up to the point it kills all bacteria and does not add any chemicals or pesticides.

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Along with the credits thing it could also affect your health in a type of way. you need to get out the house or off the computer and interact with people. if you stay taking online classes and are not going outside and socializing that could affect your health or your mind. your mind will start to form into you being alone and you would want to be alone over anything. so public or private school would be good because there is people around you to and support you.

The correct answer was given: Brain

the questions i ask myself are

1. is it on wikipedia? obviously if it is don’t take the advice

2. who is the source written by? a doctor or someone who just googled symptoms?

3. when was it written? medicine is always changing so the data could be out of date.

4. is it from a .net .com .org .edu? some are more reliable than others. you wouldn’t want to listen to a . com as much as a .org because organizations are better than a community.

5. does it make sense? can you go to a doctor and not sound silly?

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