If you just started exercise yourself 2 days a week and you aren’t fat but you’re not either skinny, but more fat, and you’re having a good diet. how much time it takes you to get away with the fatness that you have to look with a good shape/strong/marked?


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Hello, it depends on a lot more things. like what types of exercise you are doing, this will affect the areas you are exercising and therefore will effect where you see the results. it varies from person to person, maybe give it a month. however, some work out that often and won’t ever see results, it just depends on your body.good luck.

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Ihave no good diet but i workout often. although i already have a good body shape i have been gaining weight and reached 125lbs which is super disappointing to me based on my age and height. id say start working out everyday while excluding artificial sugars, bad sources of caffeine, and carbonation(in pop and sparkling water and such things) itll take about a month or two for others to notice your progress

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Hey there!

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Hope this helps

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