Instructions: record in spanish your answers to the following question: what activities do you do in the types of weather mentioned in the following questions? ¿qué haces cuando hace fresco? ¿qué haces cuando está lloviendo? ¿qué haces cuando hace viento? ¿qué haces cuando hace frío? (70 points pls asap)


The correct answer was given: oliviaclerk5
The first one is right but i’m 50% sure

The correct answer was given: Brain
¿Donde esta mi hermana? – where is my sister
¿Donde esta tu mama? – where is your mother
¿Estas contenta? – Are you happy?
¿Estan enfermos? – Are they sick?
¿Donde esta mi telefono? – Where is my phone?

The correct answer was given: Brain

Most likely hamburger, as hamburgers are not traditional Spanish foods. Also, tortillas originated from Mexico and pinatas from Spain (most likely), and sauce is such a generic type of thick liquid that every country has, so that it could have no way originated just from the Spanish language.

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