Janelle often feels stressed before the end of the semester, when her final papers are due. what can she do to feel calmer going into the finals period of this semester?


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Remind herself that, she has gone this far, she will pass, she just has to have confidence and pray, mark me as brainliest if this .

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Medical Definition of Vaccination. Vaccination: Injection of a killed microbe in order to stimulate the immune system against the microbe, thereby preventing disease. … To immunize against viral diseases, the virus used in the vaccine has been weakened or killed.

The correct answer was given: Brain

Vitamin C


Vitamins are organic substances needed in small quantities for the optimal metabolism of the body. Vitamins are divided into water soluble and fat soluble vitamins.

Water soluble vitamins include vitamin A and C

Fat soluble vitamins include Vitamin A,D,E and K

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