Jenny is working on a laptop computer and notices that the computer is not running very fast. she looks and realizes that the laptop supports 8gb of ram and that the computer is running only 4gb of ram. jenny would like to add four more gigabits of ram. she opens the computer and finds that there is an open slot for ram. she checks the other module and determines that the module has 204 pins.


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you are allowed to take out the old ram to replaice it, so replaice it with 2 new 4 gb of ram you dont need to unless the laptop has already 4 gb of ram the type of ram you will use is ddr3 most newer pc’s have ddr4 since laptopes are smaller you would need older ram


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The most likely culprit that your computer assuming it’s current with sufficient RAM is bloatware and programs that automatically load.

Check the registry keys:



Also, use task Manager to find the programs (see attachment).

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