Match each description at left with a term at right.
neoclassicist artist who painted napoleon crossing the alps and death of marat
place of napoleon’s final exile.
radical party that controlled the committee of public safety
girondist who ended the life of marat
political system of france before revolution
an attempted overthrow of government
nobles who left france to escape the revolution there
people who do not want to change existing political and social conditions.
battle that ended napoleon’s reign in france.
merchants and professionals in city-dwelling french middle class
1. jacobins
2. bourgeoisie
3. emigres
4. coup d’etat
5. corday
6. reactionaries
7. david
8. st. helena
9. waterloo
10. old regime


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The Great Compromise solved issues between states with small populations and states with large populations.

The Great Compromise was developed at the Constitutional Convention and helped in creating the modern day structure of Congress. In this deal, both states with small populations and large populations got something they wanted. For example, the Senate would be composed of 2 Senators from each state, regardless of their states population. This helped to ensure that smaller states had a voice in the creation of federal laws.

On the other hand, the House of Representatives would have the number of representatives based on a states population. The greater the population, the more representatives. This made larger states happy, as they felt this accurately represented the power they should have in Congress.

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A destroy Europe is the answer

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Destroyed Europe–the ape is representing Germany and he has taken a lady (representing liberty). He is stepping onto the shores of America with Europe in the background destroyed. 

This poster encourages support for US entry into World War I to protect the values of liberty in America. It suggests that Germany is made with power and will not stop with Europe but will continue to the US to destroy America as well. 

The correct answer was given: Brain
Hey there!

We can use a current event for this one. Recently, the United States along with a few other countries have expelled Russian diplomats from their countries. Therefore, we have,

“In the recent days, countries like the US and the UK have expelled Russian diplomats from their countries, sparking a global effort to do the same.”

This relates to the international organization because it talks about a break of unity between these countries that abrupt;y breaks diplomatic relations that previously were existent and well.

Hope this helps!

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