N2007, actor dennis quad’s newborn twins received a potentially life-threatening medication error. after reading the following article, what steps that the hospital could take to potentially avoid this error in the future?


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slips and laps, knowledge-based mistakes  deliberate violations are the most commonly reported hazardous behavior in the hospitals. all members of the healthcare team should be thoroughly trained and legally responsible for the medical decisions they make. the hospital should also reduce or remove the error-provoking conditions influencing drug administration mistakes. adequate written communication between healthcare team members, medicine supply and storage efficiency, reasonable workload, high quality equipment, managed patient factors , limited/absent interruptions during administration are some key elements to avoid error in the future.

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Public health policies and government regulations are the basis of good health and disease prevention fo the public. 

First of all, if we create public health policies and government regulations that allow people who possibly cannot afford their medications to get them for reduced price or free, we can increase the amount of people who have good health and aren’t prone to diseases.

Government regulations can also help people who are well off, too. If we put government regulations and policies in place promoting good health habits like washing your hands often even with the CDC, we would be able to show the public the benefits of good health.

Thus, using government regulations and health policies can help anyone and give support and reasons to the general public to maintain good health.

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The correct answer was given: Brain

Vaccines can be described as drugs, or medication, since that’s pretty much what it is. I’m sorry if I sound a little vague, but I don’t know much about this

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