The student nurse is caring for a child with the nursing diagnosis “risk for fluid volume deficit related to inadequate oral intake”. which statement by the student would indicate a need for further education by the nursing instructor? a) “i will teach her mother to give her small drinks frequently.”b) “i will weigh her every morning at the same time.”c) “i will monitor her iv line to maintain her fluid volume.”d) “i will make sure there is plenty of orange juice available. it’s her favorite juice.”


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The answer would be A. 1 1/5

48/40 = 1 8/40

1 8/40 Simplify to 1 1/5

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I believe it is 60-10=x because it says she purchased it with 60$ but recieved 10$ in change causing the amount we dont know to be a variable such as “x”

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its 60-10+x why, because she bought the dress with $60 and she received $10 dollars back. We don’t know the variable.

Step-by-step explanation:

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k = 13The smallest zero or root is x = -10


Work Shown:

note: you can write “x^2” to mean “x squared”

f(x) = x^2+3x-10

f(x+5) = (x+5)^2+3(x+5)-10 … replace every x with x+5

f(x+5) = (x^2+10x+25)+3(x+5)-10

f(x+5) = x^2+10x+25+3x+15-10

f(x+5) = x^2+13x+30

Compare this with x^2+kx+30 and we see that k = 13

Factor and solve the equation below

x^2+13x+30 = 0

(x+10)(x+3) = 0

x+10 = 0 or x+3 = 0

x = -10 or x = -3

The smallest zero is x = -10 as its the left-most value on a number line.

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