When president nixon vetoed the war powers resolution in 1973, he noted: “if the [war powers] resolution had been in operation, america’s effective response to a variety of challenges in recent years would have been vastly complicated or even made impossible. we may well have been unable to respond in the way we did during the berlin crisis of 1961, the cuban missile crisis of 1962, the congo rescue operation in 1964, and the jordanian crisis of 1970—to mention just a few examples.” how do the examples given by president nixon support his decision to veto the war powers act?


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president nixon vetoes the war powers resolution, which would limit presidential power to commit armed forces abroad without congressional approval.

the bill, introduced by senator jacob k. javits of new york, required the president to report to congress within 48 hours after commitment of armed forces to foreign combat and limited to 60 days the time they could stay there without congressional approval. the legislation was an attempt by congress to regain control of the power to make war. nixon claimed that the bill imposed “unconstitutional and dangerous restrictions” on presidential authority. nevertheless, congress passed the law over nixon’s veto on november 7, 1973.


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The Great Compromise solved issues between states with small populations and states with large populations.

The Great Compromise was developed at the Constitutional Convention and helped in creating the modern day structure of Congress. In this deal, both states with small populations and large populations got something they wanted. For example, the Senate would be composed of 2 Senators from each state, regardless of their states population. This helped to ensure that smaller states had a voice in the creation of federal laws.

On the other hand, the House of Representatives would have the number of representatives based on a states population. The greater the population, the more representatives. This made larger states happy, as they felt this accurately represented the power they should have in Congress.

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