Which structure is located at the base of the brain and receives neural signals about smell from the sensory receptors?
a. olfactory cilia
b. olfactory bulb
c. olfactory cortex
d. olfactory base


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The answer is b: olfactory bulb. it is directly associated with smell and is the only olfactory product that can send signals.

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The answer is olfactory bulb. olfactory bulb, structure located in the forebrain of vertebrates that receives neural input about odours detected by cells in the nasal cavity. the axons of olfactory receptor cells extend directly into the highly organized olfactory bulb, where information about odours is processed. the olfactory bulb are discrete spheres of nerve tissue called glomeruli formed from the branching ends of axons of receptors cells and from the outer branches of interneurons.

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The correct answer was given: Brain

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